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Production manager about ISO:

01-2010 Axxion Industries Production "ISO Certified"!

ISO9001 version 2008. If a company has this certificate, it adheres to an international standard for the guaranteed quality of the end product and the continuous improvement of the end product and the product organization.  Axxion Industries obtained this important certificate in December of 2009.

Axxion ISO9001:2008"In a short 10 months, without external advice we made all production steps to comply with certification.  From the formation of a project team, a course on standards interpretation, to the pre-certification and the final certification visit by the auditor.  Hit it the first time, no follow up points that still had to be completed", says project leader Kah-kin Yau with deserved pride.

A few of the improvement ideas that were implemented in the production process are: extra measurement control right at the machine, conducting internal audits and a heightened control on all incoming goods.  People of logistics, production and planning are involved in this last part.

Would like to know more about our quality control? Please visit our website... or get in contact through +31 (0)38 4600430