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Axxor regular core (AxxRG) is well fitted for manual production lines. The forces on the honeycomb product during these production processes are relatively gently and disturbances are relative easier to correct. Our regular core is engineered on a correct cots/quality level fitted to these demands.

Axxor 2D core (Axx2D) is well fitted for automatic production lines. The forces on the honeycomb in the automatic lines are quite large. A breakdown causes a lot of time, resulting in a machine stop. Therefore we engineered our paper in a specific way in order to achieve a maximize uptime on the production line.

Axxor 3D core (Axx3D) is specially designed for products that are formed in 3 dimensions, which is common in the automotive industry. The forces during the press-forming process of our customers are substantially on the honeycomb core. We designed special paper, small cell sizes and special glue for our core to function well in these high demanding environments.

Axxor XXSB core (AxxSB) specially engineered for processes of customers, which are very demanding in respect to compression force. The goal is to create a very high bonding to be resistant to this force. Extra large strong bonding core is specially designed for this purpose.

Axxor LTUF core (AxxUF) is specially engineered to create a strong bonding between our honeycomb and the decks in an environment where UF-glue is used in combination with low temperature in the presses. We adjusted the paper in a way that an efficient gluing process is supported.