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Axxor North America

Job Title: Senior Operator-End of Line & Glue Area
Profession:  Manufacturing

Job description:
The Senior Operator-End Of Line & Glue Area is responsible for ensuring quality and stacking the product as it comes off the line as well as assist the Machine Leader.

Essential Functions:
1. Pack the honeycomb onto pallets as it comes off the line.
2. Produce a high quality honeycomb product: scan product for deficiencies and take any deficient product off the line.
3. Help in the setup of new batches and changeovers.
4. Follow the standardized work and continuously help improve it.
5. Work safely and maintain safe environment for others.
6. Keep machine and work environment clean. Take care that the whole environment including that the machine is well cleaned and everything is in the place were it should be (5-S).
7. Take product measurements as required.
8. Correctly register the production and quality data as instructed in a timely manner.  
9. Give feedback regarding malfunctioning of the machine or where an opportunity is seen for improvement. 
10. Use tools and other materials in a correct way.
11. Conduct work in a way as described in our company values including trustworthy, honest, respectful and involved.
12. May help in driving the forklift to take product to packaging and warehouse.
13. May be required to wrap the product and prepare for shipping.
14. Assist the Machine Leader on required tasks.
15. Train in Machine Leader functions.
16. Conduct shift change in an effective way.

Education and Qualifications:

• Education in manufacturing, basic level.  Some mechanical understanding and any electrical is a plus. 
• Skilled to function on a production machine with a high level of automation. 
• Comfortable with the production environment.
• Is a great team player and also expects that from colleagues.
• Has experience in machine operation for at least 3 years and leadership experience for at least 2 years. 
• May have to work in different shift schedules. Is flexible in doing so and is also flexible with regards to overtime. 
• Diligent, enthusiastic and reliable.
• Good verbal and written communication skills.