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Intercol a partner in glue

Intercols' current production is based in a 40.000m production area with a capacity of 10Ktons annual. Intercol can supply mostly 'blue chip' companies with a requirement of industrial adhesive from 30Kg buckets, 1000 kg IBC's up to 20 ton truck loads.
There are permanent 600 tonnes endproducts in stock warehouse in Ede. Intercol has an export focus on Germany, UK and Belgium.
Our 30 employees have a long experience within the company and all 10 lab technicians have minimally a Bachelor education level. The last 5 years Intercol's turnover has grown with double digits, especially hot melt adhesive and adhesive specialties are doing very well.
The most interesting developments have been made in transparent polyurethanes, see, a promising market for the future. With the current expansion of our new warehouse/production area we have our focus on continuity of our company and Intercol is going up to 50 years of adhesive knowledge.

'Working with Axxion, Intercol has now got the chance to look deeper into the needs of customers several step ahead in the chain. This is very inspiring.'

Steven de Jong
Sales Director

Glue supplier

Intercol is producing high speed adhesives based on their own developments
in one of their three laboratories. The selected adhesive is "tailor-made" based on end users specifications and only the best polymers available are used. read more

Steven de Jong
Sales Director