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Axxion Group Companies

Axxor is the sales portal for the Axxion Industries companies which produce paper honeycomb. 

Production takes place at Axxion Industries Holland and at Axxion Industries Polska.

Axxion Equipment is the Dutch based company that develops our internal Axxion production technology and the equipment for the efficient application of honeycomb in our customers' production.
We offer a range of equipment starting with the simple, small sized cold expander to the complex, high volume high speed, process-controlled expander lines that are integrated into the production flows of the customer.

Axxion Technology is the Dutch based company which has its focus on the development of the honeycomb product, the honeycomb production process and the application processes at the customer site.
We live on the edge of new technologies with strategic projects that lead to a leap forward in application and functions. We partner with our customers in these developments.

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Axxion Group  
Wieger Wiegersma
Managing Director