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Paper honeycomb core for Frameless Board

Siempelkamp Handling System delivers complete lines for the industrial production of frameless lightweight boards.
At the end of August 2006 the first production line started at Fa.Egger, St.Johann, Austria for frameless lightweight boards.
The designed capacity of the plant is approx. 34.000 m2 light-weight board per day. That corresponds with a capacity from 1.000m2/day in heights of 30 mm and max.size of 2.200 x 5.700 mm. 
The technical highlight is the double belt press from SHS to produce the lightweight board. Also SHS has delivered the handling-systems to combine the materials from glue up to stacking of finished panels.
The frameless boards can be produced in heights from 15 up to 100 mm.
The surface-layers can be MDF, chipboard, OSB or other thin materials. The surface can be sanded or not, laminated, lacquer coated on one side.
The panel thickness can be between 3 and 10 mm.
Siempelkamp Handling Systeme works out the best plant conception in close co-operation with the panel-manufacturer.
Siempelkamp Handling Systeme allows not only the production of frameless lightweight boards, but are also suited for the production of related products, like lightweight boards with lengthwise bars.
All kind of related products can be produced on this line from Siempelkamp Handling Systems.

'The lightweight board line requires a uniform set of technical characteristics that is realized best by the Axxor XXL core as it is continuous and produced on the correct, unique large width'.

Siempelkamp SHS

-Supplies machines and
facilities as well as
complete systems
for handling, dividing,
storage and packaging
of wood-board products
-Supplies short-time
press-facilities for the
surface graft of wooden
board products
impregnated with
synthetic resin paper
or foil.

Is general supplier for
production lines to
produce PUR/Mineral

Hr. Michael Howe
Geschäftsführer Technik SHS