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Endless paper honeycomb

In the packaging applications honeycomb is used to produce continuously panels that are cut to size, inline with the panel making.

In this business it is of major importance to maintain a certain productivity with the panel line to produce the minimum of waste.

Less waste with endless paper honeycomb

Real endless honeycomb allows us to control the exact position of the honeycomb at the sides of the panel. This means that we can keep our machines clean for long time and that we do not have to cut away excess material from the sides of the panels.

The real endless material allows us to produce better and more isoform technical parameters, which is particularly important in our heavy duty products. The product will remain true to its specifications.

Yamaton GmbH Germany  
Manufacturer of Honeycomb panels

I need real endless to optimise waste, improve runnability and to realise constant product quality. If not, I'll meet problems in the transforming and I may end up with an instable product.

Shaul Hermesh
General Manager