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Expanded paper honeycomb core
Honeycomb is transported to our customers in a compact way to reduce transportation and storage costs.
Immediately prior to production, the honeycomb is expanded to the required width at the site of the customer.
This is done manually or, more typically, by using specific expansion equipment.

Optimum width of paper honeycomb core
It is necessary to understand that the maximum surface that can be obtained is related to the rate of expanding.

1250 mm wide unexpanded honeycomb will find its optimum between 900 and 1050 mm wide expanded honeycomb. Our customer requires certain widths.
We can determine the best sizes in combination with your product portfolio.

Based on our experience we defined certain basic sizes allowing the majority of our customers to handle most of their products while at the same time maintaining a low level of inventory specifications in honeycomb.

Please contact us to help you determine your optimal combination of widths.